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The average home takes many months to sell. Do you need to sell your house fast? We can help!


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Behind on Payments

Struggling to make payments?

Learn how to avoid Foreclosure

The Stages and Phases of the Foreclosure Process

Don’t let yourself be one of the millions that have lost their home to foreclosure. A foreclosure can be extremely destructive to your financial and personal well-being. If you are late on your mortgage payments and a solution is not in sight, there is still hope, but you need to act fast.

A foreclosure is devastating to your credit. Unfortunately, your credit can be impacted negatively by 7-10 years. Purchasing or even renting another home may be more difficult due to the foreclosure. If you can no longer afford to keep your home it may be in your best interest to protect the equity that you have accumulated as well as maintain your credit rating by not allowing the foreclosure to take place.

Be advised that you can stop the foreclosure process by selling the property prior to the auction. CLOUD11 Property Solutions will share options with you that are based on assisting you in selling your home to us. The bottom line is that your situation is not hopeless… You certainly have options that can stop the foreclosure process. It’s up to you investigate your options. One option may be to Seller Finance your home to CLOUD11 Property Solutions which could alleviate the stress of your situation. The Seller Financing strategy has saved thousands of homeowners from across the country. Not only will this strategy save your home but your credit as well. Please click the button below and fill out the form as soon as possible and we will contact you to discuss your particular situation and all the details about our Seller Finance Program.

  • Foreclosure Starts 15% 15%
We can help!
  • Pre-Foreclosure 30% 30%
We can help!
  • Demand Letter 45% 45%
We can help!
  • Complaint 60% 60%
We can help!
  • Default 75% 75%
We can’t help!
  • Auction 90% 90%
We can’t help!
  • Bank Owned 100% 100%
We can’t help!

Rent to Own Program

YES, you can stop renting today and rent to own a home of your DREAMS, utilizing the lease purchase system. Rent to Own is a true win/win strategy in the field of real estate.


What is a Rent to Own Program?


Simply defined, a rent to own program is a rental agreement, combined with a purchase contract. Through a rent to own agreement, a buyer leases a property (usually for 1-3 years) and then has the right (or option) to purchase the property on or before the end of that agreement.

This arrangement gives the buyer time to save enough cash, or to clean up their credit to take title to the property on or before the end of the rent to own period by qualifying for a new loan, assuming an existing loan or by working out some type of owner financing.

Benefits of the Rent to Own Program


  • Very low down payment (1%-5% vs. 10% to 30%).
  • No loan qualification.
  • Down payment is credited to purchase price.
  • Price protection.
  • Profits from any appreciation.
  • Time to check out the home and neighborhood.
  • Time to obtain the best financing.
  • No taxes to pay.
  • Buys time to repair credit or develop needed down payment.
  • Quick move in time (no waiting for bank approval).
  • Controlling property is better than owning property.
  • Sell the home if you don’t want to buy, for a profit.
  • You can live in the home of your dreams today and buy latter down the road.
  • Never have to rent again.
  • Does not have to wait for their house to sell or drop the price low to get rid of it. A buyer can move into a lease-purchase home and wait for their house to sell. Then, they can exercise their option and purchase the new home they are lease purchasing.


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