Deciding to use a realtor is one of the problems that homeowners face when they try to sell their house. One thing you should understand is that when trying to hire a realtor agent, they charge about 6% and now think about it if you sell your house for about $200,000 and a realtor is involved you will pay them about $1200. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you can keep that money to yourself? As you already know how the present economy is no amount is worth wasting talk of $1200.

The truth is that selling your house by yourself will be hard but why pay that kind of money to a person for a maximum four-week job, and you can do it by yourself all with a little advertising and some preparations? But another question is with the pool of buyers shrinking lower and lower, how can you quickly sell your house without worrying yourself too much on who and where to sell. With the, how can you sell your house, without agents or without having to sell for pennies on the dollars to cash buyer?

Image result for house investorWe are here to take the stress off you because our primary aim is to make sure our clients are happy when selling their house. It’s not that we don’t work with brokers or realtors but just as we stated earlier on, isn’t it beneficial for you to keep the 6% to yourself? Think about it paying 5-6% of the sale of a property in a commission in this present economy is a lot of money. There are situations where you might need them and its even good to have them by your side sometime. But the percentage when calculated can add up to a lot of money.

One thing that will do better is to make the process of selling your house comfortable and not stressful for you, so you will be able to refer us and also give an affirmative reply about us. So, if you have any property you are trying to get rid of, we are here for you. The process is speedy, and in a matter of hours you will have your money and forget about the unwanted property without the stress or thought of paying a realtor, closing costs, transfer taxes, escrow and title fees, or costly repair fees.

Whatever the reason for your house might be we have an experienced team that is always available with ash at hand to pay for your house. We will also take our time to educate you on whatever you might not know if you are thinking of selling your house without a realtor fast.